Sunday, May 12, 2013


The past week was a great one for the athletes at the OTC Chula Vista, outdoors kicked off with the first Diamond League competition of the year and some local competitions.

Resident athlete Brittney Reese jumped 7.25m to win the competition in Doha, Qatar and stamp her self as the favorite for the World Championships in Moscow, Russia. It is the furthest jump in the world in 15 years.

At the Azusa Pacific Last Chance Qualifier lone athlete Jeff Skiba opened his outdoor season jumping 2.04m. He finished second in the competition on a very warm day in Azusa, CA.

On Thursday and Friday multi-event athletes Kiani Profit the current outdoor US leader and Shana Woods the former HS record holder competed in the Claremont Multi. Kiani won the event scoring 5878 which was her second best score ever. Shana Woods finished third and scored 5334 points. The heptathlon which consist of the 100 hurdles, high jump, shot put and 200m on the first day and long jump, javelin and 800m on the second day is scored based on points for each event. Kiani's marks were (13.67,1.70, 11.07,24.02,5.71,40.97,2:09.60) and Shana's marks were (14.02,1.67,11.42,24.51,6.30,31.26,2:42.69) respectively.

On Weds in Guadeloupe, FWI a group of athletes Chris Benard TJ, April Sinkler TJ and Crystal Manning TJ competed in the Guadeloupe invitational. Chris finished second to former resident and current Florida student Will Claye in the invitational triple jump. Chris jumped 16.60m which is one of the top jumps in the US this outdoor season. In the women's invitational triple jump April Sinkler jumped 13.49m to finish with a seasonal best to finish fifth and Crystal Manning finished slightly behind her in 7th.

Last Saturday the track and field members competed at the Oxy Invitational in Eagle Rock, California. on the track Paralympic Athlete Katie Walker ran times of 29.36 in the 200m and 69.53 in the 400m. David Brown accompanied by guide runner Roland Slade ran a workman like 11.56 in the 100m and a great time of 23.15 in the 200m. Markeith Price ran a seasonal best and his second fastest time of 51.36 while Rob Brown ran a tremendous time of 54.39 as he continues to keep dropping his 400m times this year. In the hurdles Kiani Profit ran 13.55 and Shana Woods ran 13.90 as they prepared for the multi-event. In the men's hurdles Ron Brookins ran 13.64 to win and prepare himself for a big drop in time in his next race.

In the field Chula Vista Elite was all over the place. Winners in the field events were Joe Kovacs in the shot with a seasonal best of 20.65m, Tori Bowie in the long jump 6.46m, Tyron Stewart in the men's long jump 7.70m, Chris Benard with a short approach one jump win at 16.17m, and Crystal Manning jumping to the US outdoor lead in the women's TJ 13.86. Opening up her season after a little injury was Kristin Smith who threw 61.56m in the hammer throw. The Chula Vista athletes completed a sweep in both the mens and women's long jumps, for the women places 2 and 3 went to Shana Woods 6.09m and April Sinkler 6.05m. In the men's long jump it was Reindell Cole finishing second 7.59m, and Ronnie Taylor finishing third 7.57m. In the shot put Kiani threw 11.82m.

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