Sunday, February 23, 2014

Missed it by........ That Much

​It was a weekend of ups and downs and close misses. But all in all the OTC_CV group competed great. Using the momentum of Saturday, the group tried to keep the ball rolling. In the first event of the day , the Women's triple jump OTC athlete's finished 1st, 3rd, and 5th. Amanda Smock repeated as the indoor champion and set a personal indoor best of 13.81. Toni Smith had a seasonal best of 13.60 to finish third and April Sinkler finished 5th. 
     ​In the men's shot put Joe Kovacs and Eric Werskey finished 3rd and 6th. Joe threw a personal best and the third furthest throw in the world of 21.46. A great competition that had the 1st, 2nd and 3rd furthest throws in the world. 
   In the women's shot put Tia Brooks and Whitney Ashley finished 5th and 8th, both competing in their first indoor championships. 
  In the women's high jump Maya Pressley jumped 1.85 to finish 4th. It was her seasonal best as she's continued to improve from week to week. 
  In the final event for the Chula Vista- OTC group the men's triple jump Chris Benard and Troy Doris finished 2nd and 3rd both setting personal records. Chris jumped 16.99 which missed the world championship "A" standard by 1 cm and is the 4th best jump in the world. Troy jumped 16.84 which was the 8th best mark in the world. 

In total the OTC-CV group had 3 athletes qualify to Poland including three of the four spots awarded in the long jump. We had about three that had real close calls and look forward to the continued group of this young group of athletes.

 We appreciate all the support staff and team members that have been crucial to the athletes and their development. 

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