Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hola de Madrid!

Hola de Madrid!  
Written by Alice Schmidt (800 meter runner)

I arrived in Madrid, Spain, a few days ago and was happy to see a few friendly faces: Ian Waltz and Becky Christensen.  It’s a small Olympic Training Center reunion!  And, like at the OTC, we’ve been congregating at mealtime and sharing stories. For example, they had a good laugh when I told them about my massage yesterday.  I was lying face-down on the massage table when the therapist pressed down on my hamstring and the table’s front legs collapsed under me!  Lots of the physiotherapist’s apology was lost in translation.  We decided that we need to brush up on our Spanish in Chula Vista for next year’s meet.  

We’ve also been enjoying some exceptional meals at the meet hotel. I shouldn’t get used to it, because it’s not always like this at meets.

This is a picture of the breakfast buffet.  It’s stocked with a variety of fruits and exotic juices.  Becky encouraged me to try a limeade mixed with fresh apple juice and flavored with mint.  Bueno!  I could choose from a dozen assorted pastries and as many cheeses and sliced meats like chorizo and prosciutto.  There are 3 espresso machines and eggs made-to-order.  Plus, if you’re in the mood for sushi, cake or salad for breakfast, you’re in luck: they have that, too!  I’ve been trying to eat like normal, so it’s been mostly granola, fruit and yogurt for me.  

Enough about the food!  We have a competition tonight! Results can be found here:

I’ve been gradually getting adjusted to the time zone, which is 9 hours ahead of San Diego.  But, I had a wonderful 10 hours of sleep last night, so I should be sharp for the race tonight.  

After this race, I hope to run into more OTC folks at my next few competitions in Italy, Belgium and Switzerland.  Then, I will head back to San Diego and train for a solid 4 weeks before leaving for Daegu, Korea at the end of August.  

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